Contributions on EU-CHIC relevant national documenting systems
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We would like to kindly ask you for your contributions for the proceedings of the EU CHIC Vienna Workshop, which was held in Sch?¶nbrunn in 29 April 2010. The idea is to present in published booklet/proceedings the most illustrative cases of heritage (or building stock) documentation systems (i.e. Monumentenwacht system). In attachment you may find contribution from Slovenia as an example. The workshop proceedings are one of the important deliverables of CHIC and therefore CHIC partners are obliged to deliver a contribution in form of written contribution.
However, we would be very happy to receive such a contributions from Advisory Committee members as well and from the invited speakers.
We have already prepared a deliverable on the workshop, but the invitation for your contributions is still open, since we plann to publish in a future up-to-dated version.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Best regards,
Prof. Roko ??arnić, PhD, EU-CHIC coordinator

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